Initial 2014 Draft Season Thoughts

Welcome to the newest section of the website (NFL Draft Talk). In the remaining 11 weeks until 2014 NFL Draft I will use this section to share links, media and some thoughts on the prospects set to enter the league. Admittedly, I am not a scout who could definitively tell you that player X should go in round Y  (i.e. I had Jake Long in the 2nd round last year). What I do enjoy is watching player’s footage at (compressed game footage) and comparing players of the same position to determine which are better others. That’s generally what I’ll write about here.

There are many sites out there that I visit each day that produce good content that I will be referencing:

NFLDraftScout (
Draft Breakdown (
RotoWorld Draft (
SB Nation ( along with the sub-category..
Mocking the Draft ( (podcast here)
Draft Countdown ( (podcast here)

And I also try to listen to a few draft based podcasts as well:

Mocking the Draft and Draft Countdown (links above this)
The Audible
 (’s CFB 24/7 (
TFY Draft Insider (

I find the draft evaluation interesting even though at the end of it all, each team only gets 1 out of every 32 players. But for me – it’s just a lot of fun. Perceiving the “value” of a player who is still there just a few spots ahead; everything lining up for them to fall in the laps of your team; it is just a rush. Draft night is definitely a highly anticipated event for me now that the NFL has me in a firm grasp.

But anyways; check those sites and podcasts out and look for new posts in the coming weeks.


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